About Julietta

I started my first public blog Fall 2013 when I studied abroad in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Turns out I really enjoy blogging as a hobby. As I finish my last semester of school, I have many changes coming in my life. Through this blog, I wanted to invite you along this crazy journey of mine, inviting you into my storybook.




– My name is Julietta, named after my beautiful paternal grandmother.

– I’m a first generation American with parents from Brazil and Mexico

– I speak English, Spanish, and Portuguese

– I’m currently a 2nd semester senior at Texas A&M University majoring in International Studies.

– I’m an INFJ personality. (only 3% of us!)

  • I [introverted]
  • N [intuitive]
  • F [feeling]
  • J [judgment]

– I’m an unapologetic feminist (Feminist: the person who believes in the social, political, and economic equality of the sexes)

– I got a bad case of wanderlust..

– Some of my hobbies include

         crafting, painting, hiking, cooking, blogging, exploring,ect.

– Included in my interests (but not limited to…)

traveling, current events, anything Latin America, food, documentaries, art, and history

– Usually if you like Beyoncé, I like you.

– I have a guilty pleasure/sick addiction to BuzzFeed articles

– I never want to feel like I have to compromise who I am in any relationship- because I believe we shouldn’t have to apologize for being ourselves.

– All in all, my motivation derives from one of my most important goals: that I constantly pursue and choose happiness.


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