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6 Struggles You Don’t Expect While Studying Abroad

I definitely could have identified on each of the points during my study abroad trip to Buenos Aires.

It is insane to look back and try to relive the memories of Buenos Aires. Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like it was real, like I dreamed the whole thing.

For me, another thing I personally struggled with was missing my significant other. In short, I lack a lot a love in my home life- Phillip is truly s blessing to me in this way (I’ve honestly never known a love like this and have been waiting my whole life to experience this). Due to this, too elaborate on why #3 (Off days.) relates so much to me.


On my off days, I felt like a ghost wandering the city because I didn’t feel completely present. Some days it really got to me that Phillip was not around (as much as I wanted him to be there, he wasn’t), on these days my moral really struggled to make connections and not just want to fade into the background.

What this article did not add was the silver lining to these struggles students studying abroad face. The silver lining is that even though sometimes you feel disoriented and lonely, everyone in your study abroad group is in the same boat as you: together you become each others new family & support system. Thankfully I had my CEA family. They always knew how to lead me out of the fog and help me feel myself again, and I love them for that.

With all my love,

Thought Catalog

Study abroad is undoubtedly one of the most amazing experiences a person can take part in – tons of culture, learning about oneself, seeing the world, and expanding knowledge not only in a specific field of study, but about the world in general. However, despite how incredible the opportunities study abroad brings, it can also provoke unexpected negative responses as well. Here is a list that may pertain to something you experienced/are currently experiencing while studying abroad, no matter how happy you are in your city of choice or how happy you wish to be. Sometimes, life just hits you – and it doesn’t always give you what you want.


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1. People stop Facebooking you.

For some strange reason, friends and family who usually talk to you every day online suddenly stop responding to you or sending you messages. They may like and comment on the occasional…

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Best Friend Weekend!

Hello my beautiful readers!

This past weekend was not only Valentine’s day weekend, but the celebration of my friendaversary with my best friend. We have been best friends for 8 years now, and I love her with all my heart. I wanted to do something different and invite LE be a guest writer on my blog so that she could talk about the weekend from her experience. 

Reading her story made me laugh. I think back to the night this crazy girl asked me to sleep over, and I remember being so excited that I was even asked to go! In my culture it’s not usually seen as a polite gesture to sleep-over, and I was shocked when my dad gladly drove me over to go make some new friends.

I would say what I love most about my friendship with LE is that she loves me for me. Even though we have our differences in interests and opinions, we still love and respect one another all the time. If she’s happy, I’m happy. And if she’s sad, I’m going to find out who made her sad so that I can beat them up. This mutual respect is what I believe has kept our relationship going through the past 8 years.

Hopefully next friendaversary can be spent together in the same state! (since I’m moving May 12th :)!)

Here’s our BFF weekend, as told through the perspective of my best friend, Laura Elizabeth. 


On February 10, 2006, my middle school had a Valentine’s Day dance. I was having some friends over for a sleepover after and everyone was talking about it loudly while waiting on my mother to pick us up. I was raised to never exclude people and not to talk about events others were not invited to in front of them. So when I noticed a girl from my social studies class standing by the door, hearing everything that we were saying, I instantly felt terrible. There was only one way to fix this. I walked over and invited her to our sleepover. I had no idea the impact that would have on my life. Eight years later, that girl from social studies is not only my best friend, but my sister. Yeah, yeah. We’re sappy and we don’t care!


So for Valentine’s weekend I drove down to College Station to celebrate our friendaversary. We do it every year. Last year we saw Josh Abbott at Hurricane Harry’s, but this year was a little more low key. We watched countless episodes of How I Met Your Mother, because really, what else would we watch? We went shopping and did we what do best, find all the amazing sales. Seriously, it’s like we have a special talent for it. Our moms have trained us well. We got fancy nails done and I somehow managed to mess up my big toe..of course.



And if that wasn’t enough for one weekend, we went to U Paint It and painted pottery. For those of y’all who don’t know me, I’m definitely challenged in the art department. My idea of a drawing is a stick figure, and even that doesn’t look good. Don’t get me wrong, I think art is beautiful and necessary; you just don’t want me to be the one creating it. But nonetheless, Julie, the painter, takes me to U Paint It. She picks out this adorable little elephant and paints it with a beautiful turquoise and coral pattern. It’s absolutely stunning. I, on the other hand, pick out a margarita glass, and paint One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor on it. And even that didn’t look very good. (You can definitely tell which one of us is the bartender.) But you know what, that’s what best friends are for. We share our interests with each other and have an amazing time; even if one of us can’t paint or one of us doesn’t even like country music. We always have a great time together, no matter what we are doing. And that, y’all, is why we’ve been friends for eight years.


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